Why I Love Retainer Clients

I am a people person by nature. I always have been. That part of my job comes easy to me. I love what photography does for different people in general, but it’s the connection with my clients for me. When a client is on retainer, it gives us a chance to learn each other in an intimate and personal way. I love creating and brainstorming ideas on a regular basis with them. Depending on the package they select, we shoot monthly or weekly. The anticipation of seeing them regularly is a treat and we inevitably become friends.

Have you ever thought about shooting regularly with a photographer? Here’s 3 reasons to consider shooting monthly.

  1. You need consistent content. 

You especially need the kind of content that flows with the story you currently tell to your audience. 

  1. You want to increase your engagement and following.

For obvious reasons, right? If you’re a content creator, you’re showing your audience and potential clients that eyes are on you and you can get people talking. 

  1. You want to elevate your storytelling. 

Nothing at all is wrong with a cell phone shot here and there. These phones are crazy advanced and they produce some beautiful photos. However, you want your photos to show potential clients that you are serious about the work you do and it shows you are willing to do the work.

Also, having someone to do the “heavy lifting” for you is the bonus. Of course you can just do it yourself, but such a weight is lifted when you have someone else doing the shooting and editing for you!

I have had the pleasure of having some of the most wonderful retainer clients and they all have different professions, which is my favorite. I’ve made some wonderful connections because of them and I’m forever grateful to them. I decided to make this post a series highlighting each person I’ve had the pleasure of shooting on retainer. Be sure to come back next week to see the first feature!

Erica J. Simmons