Libryia Jones

When I got an email confirming my discovery call with Libryia Jones, I was pretty nervous because she had shot with some heavy hitters before, so I was wondering what she needed from me. On that call, I asked to speak with Ms. Jones because I wasn’t sure how to pronounce her name and I sholl wasn’t about to mess it up in any way. When she said, “Ms. Jones??! Erica, don’t do that”, and laughed, I knew I was gonna fall for her. And fell,l I did. 

I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She reached out to me because she needed someone to shoot her regularly because she needed some consistent content. She is the “Remote Work Queen” so her head is constantly filled with ideas and tips on how to help people find remote work and beyond. She has helped so many people who are tired of the traditional 9-5. What I love about what she does is that she doesn’t just help one particular type of career. Whatever your field, she can help you find remote work. She has an abundance of resources, from her YouTube channel, to access to memberships, to merch. 

 Our friendship quickly grew over the time we shot together. We’ve met each other’s family, stayed feeding our faces, and just bonded over life. She’s insanely smart, funny to a fault, witty, and has a smile that lights up a room. One of my favorite things about her is her big ol’ heart. She’s incredibly kind and considerate. She’s just a dope human that I have the pleasure of loving. I was ecstatic when we bought our home because Lib was in the same neighborhood. It was short lived because she ended up moving away, but she was able to show me around and let me in on all the best spots to spend my money. I miss her terribly. 

Having her as a retainer client was such a wonderful time in my career. We’ve shot a few brands together and we’ve made some really beautiful content together. Her friendship was one I was not expecting, but I’m so grateful to have such an amazing woman in my circle. 

Make sure to give her a follow. Even if you don’t need remote work, she’s just a fun follow and she travels a ton! It’s always fun to see where she works next!

Erica J. Simmons