Meet Greg Maurice

I had the immense pleasure of shooting the founder of Zaka, Greg Maurice. Zaka is a membership community that fosters authentic connections among first and second generation immigrant professionals across a variety of industries. They provide highly vetted workshops, coaching, motivational content and a safe space where immigrant professionals can build a community with each other, industry leaders, recruiters to attain their professional vision instead of enduring the challenges that come with figuring it out for themselves.

I met Greg through his beautiful wife, Devika. She reached out to me sometime last year, maybe closer to two years ago. She found me from another client I shot back in 2021 and she wanted to connect. Well, life did what it does best and some time had gone by before we connected again. Devika and I finally picked a date for us to shoot and Greg wanted in on shooting for himself too. LOL! He never had a shoot done, so he pretty much put the ball in my court. Greg was probably one of my easiest-going clients I've ever had. He had a general idea of what he wanted his photos to look like, but he really depended on me and my vision. Ya'll know I asked the hard questions.

He wanted his photos to be inclusive. Being that his target audience is 1st and 2nd generation immigrants, we decided to hire a few actors for the shoot. He wanted a fresh, millennial look for both himself and the actors. Greg is kind, observant, and a strong leader. His personal story makes him relatable to his audience, so I wanted to showcase just that in these photos. We shared references, created a vision board, and we had a fun and successful shoot! Seeing my work on his website gives me so much joy. The best part about my job is having a part in my client's journeys. I don't take that charge lightly. Greg is such a kind soul who is going to help thousands of people go further in their lives. For me, it's about serving. I serve so my clients can serve their clients. We all have a purpose in this life. It's up to us to unlock it and use it to give back to others.

Erica J. Simmons